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        Construction Summary offers two state-of-the-art features designed to help you automatically monitor project related dates & information: Project Tracking &
Automatic E-Mail Notification.
Projects can be followed closely from planning to the award stage using these features. Both Project Tracking & Automatic E-Mail Notification are available to our on-line customers.

Project Profile

 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Projects are kept together in one location with a summary of each project and a link to the actual report and/or addenda.
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Projects are sorted, keeping critical dates at the top of the list.
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) You can easily remove old or unwanted projects. 
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Construction Summary allows you to store and track up to (150) projects in your profile.
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Notes can be added to Projects within your Profile.
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Sort projects within your profile by Project Number, Cycle, Bid Date or City & State .
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Print one or more projects from your Profile. All Notes you have added to the project(s) within your profile will be included in the printout.


 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) With the new Bid Calendar function for Project Profile, All projects saved in your profile will show up with links to the projects on your own bid calendar.
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Choose to see projects according to a particular bid cycle with the SHOW ONLY sorting feature, or opt to "Show All" projects in your profile.

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E-Mail Notification

 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) E-Mail automatically sent to notify profile customers of any changes in the status, addenda, DOT schedule of items and bid tabulations/unit pricing. This feature can be activated for all projects in your profile.
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) Automatic e-mail notification delivers critical time saving project information without having to look for it.
 red_bullet.gif (162 bytes) This feature enables you to receive up to the minute information without logging on to our website.

How To Activate!

            Project Profile & Email Notification are available to our online subscribers for an additional $10/month.  Please call us today to activate your profile and e-mail features, and let us help you keep up to date with the latest news on your projects.

             Project Profile and Automatic E-Mail Notification are only two of several features that have been developed to help you manage your projects and time. We appreciate your patronage and encourage you to E-Mail us with any comments or suggestions.

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